Bathing in LOVE ♡

Whever apparent body is, it is always in LOVE 🙂

So you don’t have to move anywhere. in fact there is nowhere to move to…
because whenver the body is, there is only always SAME LOVE. It is only appearing as different form. But it is always SAME LOVE.

Seeking stops naturally because wherever ( you are ) it’s in LOVE, apparent next moment where you are is in LOVE too…you can’t escape!

Whatever is happening it is always SAME LOVE is happening. nothing is better than anything, Because it is only same LOVE is happening.

There is no chance, you are totally lost. LOVE is too perfect.

Apparent You can’t be away from it. LOVE is constant because there is only that! How amazing is this!!!!

But apparent seeker complain that they don’t have enough love because seeker thinks love is to have… but it is not an object … LOVE is everything which touching, holding, speaking to apparent you. AND LOVE is happening as apparent you 🙂 ♡


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