True freedom

True freedom is not something seeker can get or it is not somewhere to arrive.
It is not something intellectual thing can do. This is nothing to do with understanding . Nothing to do with process. Nothing to do with your focus or attention. Nothing to do with knowing your true nature.
This is nothing to do with seeker’s effort.

True freedom is energetic that seeking energy falls away without any cause. Just happens.
Even complete understanding happens, if seeking energy is still there, seeking continues…

Seeking energy has to falls away…. Only that.

But seeker can’t do it because seeker and seeking energy is the same thing.

Can you see that the lie that seeker can do something?

Never going to find what you are looking for in the reality of you and world. separate reality.

It is beyond that reality.
It is beyond dream reality.

But it is possible just Life will be left.

And again Seeker never gets this, because seeker doesn’t exist … 😉


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