Crazy love ♡

This is crazy…. apparent people suffer from apparent thoughts、memory and sensations.

Apparet people believe they are real and their stories are real and contraction is real.

It is a BIG Lie!!!!

there is only wholeness, love appearing as everything.

including apparent suffering.

Everything is only apparent!

Suffering you think it is real also it is not real. Because nothing is real!!! Only apparent!!!

There is nothing is yours, only LOVEs. and yet you also love…  ♡ so much love!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Crazy love ♡

  1. Heiko

    I really like this post! Underneath there is a knowing of that, although my mind seems to keep running the show and thoughts are taken seriously from time to time. This big lie, this big game is so perfect, that it´s absolutely and stunningly convincing! Thank You 🙂

    1. nahoowada Post author

      HI Heiko, Yeah, something beyond me knows what its been written 🙂 Yeah, it is absolutely amazing trick for nobody!! 🙂 love

      1. George Grant

        Naho, this is TRUE!! 🙂 This same recognition came to “me” just today also, in a form of everything being real and unreal at the same time, existing and nonexisting. Problem with us was that we thought of something as only real or only unreal. We stuck in divisions and couldn’t move. But in this Love there are no polarities, everything moves freely! :)) Much love to you and everyone!

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