Funny ME ♡

Me never be satisfied with what is.. never. but all there is is only what is.

So me has to look for something else in personal DREAM !

me is always uncomfortable where me is, so me has to find something to comfort meself 🙂 in the next moment which is still in a dream.

but this is perfect way of avoiding freedom already IS !

Me can’t see freedom already…. and so busy thinking about ME ME ME !

And trying trying, changing changing, fixing fixing own dream 🙂

But what me really look for is outside of dream which is where me is always.

Me is a sweet little and funny expression of LIFE 🙂


9 thoughts on “Funny ME ♡

  1. Heiko

    and there never will be a release…never ever, no matter how far the search goes…I remember as a child in about tree years old the contraction, as life became serious and uninteresting and… I really want to turn back. Naho, listening to you is a kind of reaching back in these early days of childhood! Keep on!

  2. noah

    I like your use of the word me as opposed to the word i. Somehow it makes it easier to see it as an object. (^_^)

    Merci beaucoup, Me

    Our names are anagrams. 🙂


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