Life is a gift for nobody

THIS IS a gift. Everything, all of it !!

There is only LIFE happening.
It is so obvious. Everybody knows this….

No one ever done anything, simply life is happening, all of it.

when me is there me is in the way of this Obvious, naked, openness…. but me also life is appearing as me. There is no problem.

Nothing can’t be personal even me is not personal.

There is only life happening.
there is only everything.

Everything is a gift for nobody.♥︎


2 thoughts on “Life is a gift for nobody

  1. Heiko

    Although this is not seen here it´s a kind of miraculous calming down reading your posts. And yes, in a way everybody knows this and sometimes I can remember child like wonder in a split second as if I get a glimpse of the wonderful stage beyond a very thick curtain. Keep on, Naho 🙂


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