Absolute love

every touch, every feel, every taste, every sounds, every sensation….

all of it is love… this is completion of life

Human always try to be something without knowing it is already complete.

It can’t get better than this already.

It is always inseparable. It is inescapable…

Life itself is absolute love no matter what is happening.


4 thoughts on “Absolute love

  1. noah

    It is a catch 22.

    Thinking it can get better than this is painful. So it CAN get better. If i am not thinking it can get better it is less painful; i.e. better. Now i am trying to make life better by not trying to make it better. And of course judging those with their “wordly” pursuits. Don’t they know nothing can improve life?


      1. noah

        thank you Eros, i stole it, a little from Wayne Liquorman: “I am not going to give you a strategy to not have strategies.” And from Ramana: “Only a jnani can really be a karma yogi.” Based on your website i guess you are familiar with those terms but briefly a karma yogi is just someone who tries to act without self interest. But she is doing it in the interest ultimate bliss of enlightenment!!

        “It is better to give than receive” so imma gonna let everyone give to me without giving anything in return because i am practicing selflessness. (^_^)’

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